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PDO threads and aesthetic medicine

Since 2012, Doctor Anne Deckers has been using tensor threads and more particularly PDOs

What do you think of PDO wires?

Threads are now a big plus in our medical arsenal. My motto: "To do more with less";

What are the different types of threads?

We have at our disposal:

  • 25G to 30G 25mm to 90mm monothread wires, used more for a regenerating and restimulating effect.
  • Threads tornados screw 26G 38mm to 90mm, for a lifting effect at the level of the tail of the eyebrow or the fold of bitterness.
  • 19G 100mm 21G 100mm 23G 60mm 3D cog wires incorporated into cannulas, for a lifting and regenerating effect.
  • 19G 100mm heart threads, used for their lifting and regenerating effect.

What are their good uses?

An effect on the skin: regeneration, rejuvenation, refreshment of volumes.

What areas can be treated?

Face, neck, arms, belly, legs, scalp, etc. The threads are complementary to filers, HA and tissue inducers, botulinum toxin and non-invasive techniques such as radio frequency, etc.

What are the advantages ?

  • Immediate patient satisfaction.
  • Quick and painless technique.
  • A small point of anesthesia at the entry point of the cannula.
  • The use of the cannula makes it possible to avoid hematomas.
  • Visible results immediately.
  • Very short downtime: 3 days of soreness and 2 to 3 weeks of very fleeting skin sensation.
  • Very few threads are needed, 3 to 6 depending on the area treated.
  • The cost to the patient is quite reasonable